IP Addressing

Division of Computer Networks is responsible for management and distribution of IP version 4 and 6 addressing among University units. As Local Internet Registry University of Warsaw is working together with RIPE NCC in allocation of Internet number resources .

IP Addressing

  • IPv4:,
  • IPv6: 2001:06a0:4000::/34
  • ASN: 8890

DNS Servers

DNS resolver address:

  • (dns1.uw.edu.pl)
  • (dns2.uw.edu.pl)

Main DNS server (for domain delegation):

  • ns1.uw.edu.pl (
  • ns2.uw.edu.pl (

NTP Time Servers

  • ntp1.net.uw.edu.pl
  • ntp2.net.uw.edu.pl
  • ntp.net.uw.edu.pl (random ntp1 or ntp2 allocation)