WiFi on conferences

Division of Computer Networks can deliver dedicated wireless network for use at conferences.

To secure the service submit the relevant information to: helpdesk@uw.edu.pl

  • Conference venue: (e.g. Old Library room 1,2,3, AMAX hall A, B,C )
  • Conference date: (Single date, or time brackets for multi-day events).
  • Suggested network name: (e.g.: UW-KONFERENCJA)
  • Suggested network password: (e.g.: KONFERENCJA2011). Has to consist of no less than 8 characters.
  • Contact to person responsible for conference: (mobile/email)
  • Approximate number of attendees.
  • After submitting the above mentioned information a response will be sent, confirming the availibility of the service on chosen dates.

IMPORTANT: To set up the wireless network, the information has to be submitted at least two working days before the planned conference, and it has to be sent from university e-mail account.

To secure additional wired and wireless network access for the conference please contact helpdesk@uw.edu.pl with any additional details.