Internet access in Dormitories

In a new web browser window, enter any website address (i.e.

When you type in a page, you should be redirected to the login page. If not, you must go to the following address:

On the portal site, you must provide your USOSWeb credentials (PESEL number and password) and click Login.

If you do not remember your credentials, please reset your password here. If you do not have USOSWeb credentials you have to create CAS account – please contact administration of the dormitory.

When these credentials are correct, you will be automatically redirected to the starting web page. You have access to the Internet for 24h.

If your account is not authorized, the following message appears. In this case, please contact administration of the dormitory.

Browser not displaying a portal page can be a result of lack of communication with the network, check if the device received an IP address.

Please report any technical problems to